Presentation of Institute’s activities

Systemic psychotherapy and counselling

are meant for individuals, couples, families and other systems that face troubles:

in interpersonal relationships;

in communicating in the system or with other systems;

with upbringing of children and young people;

in the field of emotions and/or behaviour;

in facing depression, anxiety, panic etc. In one or more family members;

in accommodating to life with one or more family members with either mental illness, chronic physical illness or disability;

with violence and sexual, physical or psychical abuse;

with changing relationships due to loss, divorce or remarriage.

Systemic psychotherapy and counselling with individuals is usually done by a single systemic psychotherapist, while the work with couples, families and other systems is usually done in pairs or teams. The role of the second, observer, therapist or a therapeutic team is to follow the therapeutic process and regularly interfere with guidance or ideas for the leading therapist or the family by sharing their view of the presenting problems.


The therapeutic work is done with individuals, couples or families in an individual or group setting. A therapeutic group is generally led by two therapists.



Other activities

Expert opinions

The Institute of Family and Systemic Psychotherapy provides court ordered expert opinions and expert opinions for the demands of social services. Expert opinions are done by experienced systemic family therapists who are also sworn medical experts. It is the institute’s aim that at least two systemic family therapists are involved in the formation of an expert opinion.


The Institute of Family and Systemic Psychotherapy provides supervisions and consultations to experts and expert teams who work with families, systemic family therapists and to the trainees in the process of education in systemic family therapy.


The Institute of Family and Systemic Psychotherapy in the collaboration with the Department of Psychiatry at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Ljubljana organizes postgraduate courses in family dynamics and is thus involved in educating trainees in systemic psychotherapeutic and consultation work.